Sunday, January 1, 2012

30 Day Photography Challenge.

I am trying something new. I decided to kick off the new year is to start with a challenge so this start the 30 day photography challenge. I am going to post a list of 30 concepts for a picture a day and every day ill post the picture. If you would like to join in please do. Use your phone,your point and shoot, whatever you have.  Now on with the list.

Day1:Anything you want.
Day2: Something that makes you smile.
Day3:Something that you collect.
Day4: Something that stresses you out.
Day5: A cup you drank from today.
Day6: Someone who inspires you.
Day7: A picture of your phone.
Day8: What you had for lunch.
Day9: Shoes.
Day10: A product you use in your hair.
Day11: Your Pet.
Day12: A sneak Picture you took in class/work/ Out and about
Day13: Nature
Day14: Somewhere you went today.
Day 15: A device that you own but never use.
Day16: Something that makes you sad.
Day17: Something that you have too much of and is taking up space.
Day18: Something you're currently borrowing from someone.
Day19: Something you don't have much of.
Day20: A Stuffed Animal/Doll that you own.
Day21: Something from your bathroom.
Day22: Something sweet.
Day23: A book you've been reading.
Day24: Something that means a lot to you.
Day25: a souvenir from vacation.
Day26: Something you shouldn't have bought but you did.
Day27: Your Handwriting.
Day28: Something Purple.
Day29: Something on your fridge.
Day30: You.

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  2. This sounds great! Count me in ;) I think I'm going to split it into 4 weeks though

  3. Count me in. Where do you want us to post our pix?

  4. If you have a blog,flicker,facebook, twitter, whatever you have just let me know where to go so I can see it. I didnt think that out well next month ill do better on that. I want to make this a monthly thing.